AppViz REST web services

This section describes the AppViz REST web services APIs.

Base URL

The base URL for all REST requests is the following:


where <algosec_server> is the AppViz server URL.

Some of the requests provided in this API are restricted for users with specific permissions. For details, see AppViz Permissions .

Note: Every request must be in JSON format. Each request must include the content-type header with the value application/json.

Note: The AppViz REST API allows authenticating each request with full credentials or authenticating with a cookie provided by the login method. See Logging In (see Logging In ). If you choose to authenticate with a cookie, but you are using a development platform that does not automatically handle cookies, you must manually add the cookie. For every request, add a header with the name Cookie and the value JSESSIONID=<jsessionid>, where <jsessionid> is the session ID provided in the response body of the login method

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The AppViz RESTful API includes Swagger support, enabling you to execute simplified API request calls and access full lists of request parameters.

To access Swagger API documentation:

  1. In the toolbar, click your username and click API Documentation.
  2. From the dropdown at the top-right, click AlgoSec_AppViz.

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AppViz REST API reference

AppViz supports the following REST APIs:

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