FireFlow SOAP web services

This section describes the FireFlow SOAP web services API.

The FireFlow WSDL file

The FireFlow Web service's WSDL file is available at https://<algosec_server>/WebServices/FireFlow.wsdl where <algosec_server> is the AFA/FireFlow server URL.

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Web services API reference

FireFlow offers SOAP Web Services. This API allows you to integrate FireFlow functionality into external applications.

The standard SOAP request envelope header for FireFlow is:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ff="">   <soapenv:Header/>

Note: All methods require a session key which is obtained with the authenticate method. Web Services API can use LDAP or Radius authentication, or Single Sign On (SSO).

The AFF SOAP interface supports the following methods:

If the method's operation is successful, the method response returns data items or an indication of success. If the method's operation was not successful, the response indicates that a SOAP fault has been thrown. See Faults (see Faults ) for a list of likely faults.

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