Configure user preferences

This topic describes how to configure your own FireFlow user preferences.

Access the Preferences page

To access your user preferences page, do the following:

  1. In the main menu on the left, click PREFERENCES.

    If you are a requestor, FireFlow will take you directly to the Preferences fields.

    If you are a privileged user, you may need to click User Details on the left. For example:

    Note: If the system is configured to import user information from an LDAP server upon each login, FireFlow reminds you that changes to these settings may be overridden then next time you log in.

    In such cases, you must make these changes in the LDAP server instead of FireFlow.

  2. Modify the fields as needed. For details, see User preferences fields.
  3. Click Save Preferences.

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User preferences fields

Enter details in the following fields as needed.

Identity fields


Your email address.

This field is read-only.

Full Name

Your full name.

This field is read-only.


Type your nickname.


Select the desired FireFlow interface language.

All fields will be displayed in the selected language.


Select the time zone in which you are located.

To use the default time zone defined in FireFlow, select System Default.

Location fields


Type the name of your organization.

Address 1

Type your primary mailing address.

Address 2

Type your secondary mailing address.


Type your city.


Type your state.


Type your zip code.


Type your country.

Phone number fields


Type your home telephone number.


Type your work telephone number.


Type your mobile telephone number.


Type your pager number.

Additional information

This area displays any custom fields defined for your system. For more details, see Manage custom fields.


Enter a string that you'd like appended to all your comments and replies in FireFlow.

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