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AlgoSec AlgoBot is your personal security policy management assistant. AlgoBot provides quick and easy access to core ASMS functionality from the comfort of your organization's existing chat platforms, including Desktop, Web, or Mobile options. AlgoBot is supported on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

Interested in deploying AlgoBot?

Please let us know. Get in touch with us at [email protected].
We will be glad to support your deployment.

Chat with AlgoBot

Chat with AlgoBot to run traffic simulations, submit change requests, analyze application impact, and more!

  • Enter @algobot help to view a full list of available commands and requests.
  • Send direct messages to AlgoBot from your chat platform. If there are more than the two of you in the chat, use the @algobot prefix so that AlgoBot knows you're talking to it.
  • Language support: If you’re typing in English, German, French, or Portuguese, AlgoBot will attempt to recognize the language and reply in kind. By default, AlgoBot replies in English. See on this page Select the AlgoBot default Language: English, German, French or Portuguese.

  • Invite AlgoBot to any of your Slack channels. Once invited, AlgoBot listens to all commands you send to @algobot.

Note: Make sure that you have run an analysis in AFA before using AlgoBot. AlgoBot needs AFA data to be able to help you!

For example:

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Deploy AlgoBot

To deploy AlgoBot, first install AlgoBot on your chat platform, and then configure it on your ASMS server.

AlgoBot prerequisites and deployment configurations

As a Chat Bot, AlgoBot has to be notified of any new messages that the users may send over one of the supported chat platforms. To integrate AlgoBot with your organization's chat platforms, your system must meet the following prerequisites:

Internet access

The ASMS server must be able to access the internet and the chat platform servers.

Verify also that you have the following connectivity:

Unauthenticated proxies are supported if needed.

For details, see the diagrams below: AlgoBot with no proxy | AlgoBot with a proxy

Permissions You must have administrator privileges and access to authorize AlgoBot on your chat platform.
DNS The ASMS Central Manager must be configured with DNS. See Configure DNS Server.

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Install AlgoBot on your chat platform

Follow these instructions to install AlgoBot on your chat platform.

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Configure AlgoBot on the ASMS server

After installing AlgoBot on your chat platform, configure AlgoBot on your ASMS server.

You can configure AlgoBot either using the ASMS user interface or using the algosec_conf menu.

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AlgoBot Logs and configuration files

AlgoBot log files are created in /data/ms-algobot/logs.

A set of log and configuration files are saved for each chat platform, with the platform name, for example slack, as part of the filename.

Each set includes the following files:

algobot-<platform>.conf The configuration data generated as part of the installation and configuration process.

General logs, commands, and errors. If you need to contact AlgoSec support in reference to AlgoBot, support may request this file.

utilization-<platform>.log A synthesized, clear log of the commands used in AlgoBot for analytics purposes.

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