View and edit match records

This topic describes how to view a FireFlow match record, which contains all details about a change request, the relevant device change, the current matching status, and history.

View a match record

Viewing match records for unmatched change requests or changes can help you determine how to manually match them.

Do the following:

  1. In the main menu, click Auto Matching.

    The Auto Matching page appears displaying lists of change requests and changes.

  2. In the change request's row, click Details.

    The match record is displayed. For example:

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Match record fields

Each match record includes the following fields:



The date and time when the match record was created, followed by the FireFlow process that created it.


The date and time when the match record was last updated, followed by the user or FireFlow process that updated it.


The matching status.


Change Request

The change request's ID number and name.

Click to view the change request.


The rule change's description.

Click to view the change.


FireFlow Notes

FireFlow's comments on the match record.

User Notes

User notes on the match record.

For details, see Add notes to match records.


A list of all actions in the match record's history.

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Add notes to match records

Edit a match record to add notes as needed.

Do the following:

  1. View the match record. For details, see View a match record.
  2. Under the change request number in the main menu, click Edit.

    The Modify Match Change Request page is displayed.

  3. In the User Notes field, type your notes on the match record.
  4. Click OK.

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