Welcome to AutoDiscovery

AlgoSec AutoDiscovery:

  • Detects network traffic from across your networks.

  • Identifies business services.

  • imports business service flows into AppViz.

From there, AppViz organizes the business needs associated with specific traffic flows as business applications.

AutoDiscovery business service types

AutoDiscovery business services are organized into the following types:

Map-based business services

Map-based business services start with a server and port.

Traffic data from AutoDiscovery sensors provides data for all URLs and clients communicating with the server.

Query-based business services

Query-based business services start with the query on a server, or a server and port.

Queries discover the server's connection at a specific instance. These services are a snapshot of the service at the time it is created, and are not updated.

New in release A32.10

Introducing the AutoDiscovery Traffic Log Sensor: The AAD Traffic Log sensors collect syslog traffic log records and process them into network flows. An AAD traffic log sensor is provided wherever a syslog server is running on your system (Remote Agents, Central Manager). No configuration is required.

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