Deploy standalone appliances

This topic describes the high-level steps required to deploy pre-installed, standalone VMware virtual appliances or AlgoSec hardware appliances.

Note: Each installation package includes software for the full AlgoSec Security Management Suite. Functionality for each ASMS product is enabled via license, and not by installation.

Do the following:

  1. Do one of the following:

    AlgoSec hardware appliances

    Starting by preparing your machine.

    For details, see Prepare an AlgoSec hardware appliance.

    AlgoSec VMware virtual appliances

    Download a VMware OVF machine.

    For details, see Download ASMS software packages.

  2. Perform initial configurations, including configuring your machine's IP address. For details, see Configure ASMS machines.
  3. Connect your machine to your organization's network. To connect an AlgoSec Hardware Appliance to the network, ensure that you use the ETH0 on the appliance's rear panel.
  4. If you configured a dynamic IP address using DHCP, verify the IP address assigned. For details, see Configure ASMS machines.
  5. (Optional) Configure NAS storage. For details, see Configure NAS storage.
  6. Test your installation. For details, see Test machine installation and configuration.
  7. Set up your environment. For details, see Set up the ASMS environment.
  8. Perform sanity checks. For details, see Basic sanity checks.
  9. Continue to deploy ASMS products, including populating your environment with devices and users. For more details, see ASMS deployment checklist.


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