ASMS licensing

This topic describes how to obtain and install ASMS licenses, as well as track license usage across your devices.

AlgoSec licenses control the AFA modules available, whether FireFlow, AppViz, or AutoDiscovery are available, the number of routers supported, and more.

AlgoSec Licensing: Watch to learn about the ASMS license types available.

Obtain a license

Do the following to obtain a new license key:

  1. Log in to using your username and password.

  2. At the top of the screen, click .

  3. Populate the request form as follows:


    Select the product you want a license for.

    If you want a license for multiple products, select AlgoSec Suite.

    Note: To use AutoDiscovery, your license must also include AutoDiscovery support.

    For more details see AutoDiscovery and Install AutoDiscovery.

    Internet Connection

    Select whether your AFA server can connect to the internet while activating the license.

    For details, see Online license requirements.

    AlgoSec Server MAC Address

    Enter the MAC address of your AFA server. To find the MAC address, do the following:

    1. Browse to https://<AFA_server>/algosec/, where <AFA_server> is the AFA server URL.
    2. Click AlgoSec Appliance Status.

    Note: If your AFA server has multiple interfaces, make sure to submit the MAC address of the eth0 interface.

    For details about native Linux installations, see Deploy or upgrade a standalone native Linux server in AlgoPedia.

    License Key For Select your customer status.
    Number of Firewalls Enter the number of firewalls you want to manage with AFA

    Enter any additional comments required.

    • If you need an offline license, enter: Please provide an offline license
    • If the license will be used for a prospect, name the account

  4. Click Submit.

    Your license is sent to the email address you used to log in to the AlgoSec portal. Save it to a location accessible by the AFA server.

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Online license requirements

AlgoSec provides online licenses, which are inactivated to start.

To activate your license, ensure that the AFA server can access the AlgoSec licensing server, including the following:

Internet connection

The AFA server must be connected to the internet.

If your AFA server cannot connect to the internet for the duration of the license activation, request a pre-activated, offline license from AlgoSec.

For details, see Obtain a license.

Note: Offline licenses may take several days to issue.


If your browser settings use a proxy, you must also configure AFA to use the proxy.

For details, see Define a device proxy.

HTTPS traffic

Your connection must allow HTTPS traffic (TCP/443) from your AlgoSec server to

Outbound web proxies must not manipulate or sanitize traffic.

No data about the configuration of analyzed devices is passed back to AlgoSec over the internet or to any third party.

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Install a license

This procedure describes how to install a license. For details about obtaining your license, see Obtain a license.

If you have just defined your first administrator user directly in AFA, click Install License in the Firewall Analyzer window.

In all other cases, do the following:

  1. In AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer or AppViz, click your username at the top right, and select License.

  2. In the AlgoSec Firewall AnalyzerLicense Information dialog, click Install License.

  3. Accept the End-User License Agreement that appears.

  4. In the License Installation dialog, click Select a File. Then, browse to and select the license file (license.lic) you received by email. For example:

  5. Click Install.
  6. Log out of AFA, and then log in again.

HA/DR clusters

If you are running AFA on an HA/DR cluster, you must first break the cluster, and then apply a license file to each node. Rebuild the cluster when you're done. For details, see Break a cluster and Build a cluster.

Do the following:

  1. On the secondary appliance, open a terminal and login as user: root

  2. Connect to the ASMS Administration interface. For details, see Connect to the Administration Interface.

  3. Enter 12.

  4. When prompted, enter the path to the license file (license.lic) you received by email.

    The license is installed.

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License usage

An ASMS license is used for every on-premises or private cloud device shown at the lowest level of the device tree.

For example, the highlighted devices in the following image each consume a single license.

Note: Some exceptions exist. For details, see AlgoPedia.

Virtual router licensing

  • In LSYS/VSYS systems, licenses are consumed at the LSYS/VSYS level instead of the virtual router (VR level). This means that using multiple VRs in a single VSYS consumes only one license.
  • During upgrades, any licenses consumed by VRs are not calculated towards total consumption.

Public cloud licensing

While public cloud assets (AWS and Azure) do not consume licenses, ASMS does track your public cloud asset usage.

When you renew licenses, AlgoSec sales personnel will check your cloud usage and sell you enough licenses for the number of assets actually in use.

View license usage statistics

Do the following:

  1. In AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer, click your username at the top right, and select License.

    The License Information window appears. For example:

  2. Click the links at the bottom of the dialog to download license usage spreadsheets:

    License Usage

    Licenses consumed by all on-premises devices.

    Tip: Scroll to the bottom of the report to view a list of deleted devices.

    Sample on-premises and private cloud license usage report

    Public Cloud Usage

    Cloud asset details, including the following:

    • Number of cloud assets managed by ASMS, sampled hourly
    • Top monthly average count, per year.

    Sample public cloud license usage report

    Note: License usage spreadsheets are protected against modifications.

Tip: If you are having issues where different locations in your system are showing different numbers of devices and licenses used, reload your license and check again. This updates the data for any devices that had been deleted or modified and clarifies the statistics.

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Update licenses

Contact AlgoSec to update your licenses in the following scenarios:

Expired licenses

When there are less than 45 days remaining on your license, the License link in the Administration menu turns red.

To ensure continuous use, make sure to update your license before it expires.

Exceeded licenses

Your license is valid for a specific number of devices or reports.

Update your license if you require additional devices or reports.

See also: Public cloud licensing

ASMS product upgrades To upgrade your AlgoSec solution with additional modules or components, you must also update your license.

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