View AFA matrix data

A matrix is a set of devices, in which information about each device member's position in the network hierarchy is provided. AFA manages a matrix's policy as a single unit, taking into account the relationships between all of the member devices.

Viewing Matrices

To view information about a matrix:

  1. Click Matrices in the main menu.

    The Matrices menu appears in the main menu, displaying all of the matrices defined in AFA. Matrices for which the last report generation failed appear in red. Matrices for which real-time monitoring or log collection have failed appear in orange.

  2. (Optional) Search for the desired matrix, by doing the following:
    1. Type part or all of the desired matrix's name in the Search field.
    2. Press enter or click .

      The device tree appears with the search results. Device results appear with the matrix to which they belong. Matrix results appear with their device members collapsed.

  3. (Optional) To filter out the matrices with issues, do one of the following:
    • To filter by only the issues you specify:
      1. Next to the Issues link, click .

        The Display issues regarding window appears.

      2. Clear the check boxes of the issues you do not want to appear in the filtered results.
      3. Click outside the window.
    • To filter all issues (default), click Issues.

      The device tree appears with only devices with issues and their matrix. If you specified which issues should appear, only those issues appear.

      To revert to the standard view, click the Issues link.

  4. Select the desired matrix.

    The matrix appears in the workspace.

    For details of the information displayed at the top of the workspace, see Group Information Fields.

    You can view the individual devices in the group by selecting them in the in the menu.

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Viewing Matrix Reports

Matrix reports provide information on a device matrix. AFA provides the following options for viewing matrix reports:

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