Welcome to FireFlow

AlgoSec FireFlow automates the security policy change lifecycle, from the time a change request is submitted to auditing the change made. Use FireFlow to make changes on your security policies ensures that device changes are approved, necessary, and implemented as intended.

Change request lifecycles

FireFlow translates each request made into an actionable policy change, and then analyzes any related devices, routers, and VPNs to verify that the change is indeed needed.

FireFlow identifies the exact rules that need changing, checking the impact of the request on the overall network security. FireFlow makes these change to identify potential risks.

FireFlow ActiveChange enables you to make the change on the device directly from FireFlow. After the change is made, either manually or via ActiveChange, FireFlow validates the change made to ensure that it matches the request correctly.

Default templates and workflows

FireFlow's templates and workflows enable you to carry each change request through the following default steps:

While FireFlow's templates and workflows are highly customizable, the out-of-the box defaults are fully functional for standard and common tasks. For more details, see Request templates and workflows and FireFlow administration.

FireFlow users

FireFlow users include the following:

  • Unprivileged users. Includes requestors, who can only open change requests and track the status of their own requests. Requestors have a minimized FireFlow interface, showing only the elements available to them.
  • Privileged users. Includes all other FireFlow users, such as network operators, security officers, and FireFlow administrators. Privileged users have access to more areas of the UI, depending on their user configuration.

Use FireFlow's main menu on the left to navigate around FireFlow and determine the details shown in the workspace.

  • To hide and un-pin the main menu, click at the top of the screen. Click to show the menu again and keep it pinned.
  • On each page in the workspace, click to expand details for each area. Click to hide it again.