Welcome to AppViz

AlgoSec AppViz provides an application-centric approach to your network security policy management.

With AlgoSec AppViz, all business applications are discovered, identified, and mapped, providing visibility of the network connectivity flows associated with each business application, which in turn provides critical security information regarding the firewalls and firewall rules supporting each connectivity flow.

Using AppViz, changes can be made at the business application level, including application migrations, server deployment and decommissioning projects. You can speed up the secure deployment of business applications throughout the entire change lifecycle.

New in ASMS A32.20

For Builds from Nov 7 2022 HF (build 12.45.32) and later

AppViz is a SaaS-based application.

Note: Since Application Discovery connects directly to the ASMS Central Manager, no additional configuration is required for the SaaS-based environment.

In this documentation

All AppViz information and procedures in these tech docs are relevant for both on-prem and SaaS unless marked specifically as follows:

  • indicates instructions relevant only for AppViz on-prem

  • indicates instructions relevant only for AppViz in the SaaS-environment

Access AppViz (SaaS)

AppViz (SaaS) is an entirely SaaS-based application, and is accessible whenever you are connected to the internet. Supported browsers include recent versions of Google Chrome.

For new customers to AppViz:

  • If ASMS integration has been established to SaaS services (for example you are already using CloudFlow or ObjectFlow: See the following steps in this section to access AppViz.

  • If ASMS integration has not yet been established to SaaS services, Integration between ASMS with SaaS Services is required before you can access AppViz. See ASMS integration to SaaS services.

For customers already using AppViz:

  • Contact AlgoSec for assistance to migrate to the SaaS environment.

Do the following:

Note: To access AppViz (SaaS) without opening ASMS, see Log into AppViz (SaaS).

Note to Administrators: For initial setup of AppViz, see AppViz .

  1. In the AFA or FireFlow left-side dropdown menu, select AppViz.

    AppViz (SaaS) opens in a new browser tab:

  2. To log in and manage passwords, see Logging in and out.

Access AppViz (On-Prem)

Do the following:

  • Select AppViz in the AFA or FireFlow left-side dropdown menu.

    AppViz opens in a new browser tab:

Tip: At the top of each page in the workspace, click AlgoSec Reporting Tool to view detailed reports on data across ASMS. For details, see AFA dashboards.

AppViz main menu

The main menu includes the following options:


The default AppViz home page, which displays graphs and widgets about the configured applications.

The HOME page also enables you to perform an Impact Analysis search. For details, see Analyze application impact.

Note: The Applications by Lifecycle Phase widget is displayed only when vulnerability assessment is not configured. The Most Vulnerable Applications widget is displayed only when vulnerability assessment is configured.

For more details, see Manage vulnerability assessment scanners.


Enables you to view and manage the applications configured in AppViz.

For details, see Business applications.


Enables you to view and manage network objects from AppViz.

For details, see Network objects and Device objects.


Enables you to view and manage service objects from AppViz.

For details, see Service objects and Device objects.


Enables you to view and manage AppViz projects.

For details, see Projects.


Enables you to discover new application data from device policies.

For details, see Discover applications.

Note: Application Discovery is an additional AlgoSec tool installed over AppViz, which enables you to automatically discover business applications and flows, and import them in to AppViz.

For more details, see Welcome to Application Discovery.

ASMS INTEGRATION Enables you to create a connection between AppViz and ASMS. For details, see ASMS integration to SaaS services.
ACCESS MANAGEMENT Enables you to manage system access and monitor account activity. For details, see Access Management.

Set flag to work with AppViz legacy on-prem

The following steps are for customers that are already using AppViz legacy on-prem and are connected to AlgoSec SaaS Services via the tunnel (meaning they use CloudFlow or ObjectFlow). To continue working with the AppViz legacy on-prem:

Do the following:

  • In ASMS Administration > Options > Advanced Configuration, set the parameter APPVIZCLOUD_ENABLED to no.

Access API documentation directly from AppViz

AppViz API documentation, like the AppViz Help Center, is available from every AppViz page.

To access the AppViz API documentation:

  1. From any AppViz page, click on the down arrow to the right of your user name on the AppViz toolbar.

  2. Click API Documentation.

  3. The AppViz API reference is displayed:

View your Account ID

Easily access your Account ID directly from AppViz. This is helpful when you are managing multiple accounts or if you need your Account ID to open a support case.

To view your Account ID:

  1. In the toolbar, click your Username.

    A dropdown list appears.

  2. If you want to copy the Account ID, click next to the Account ID.

Tip: If you need to open a support query, copy your Account ID and then navigate to the Portal Support page.