Service objects

This topic describes how to manage service objects in AppViz.

View a service object

To view a service object:

  1. In AppViz, from the main menu on the left, click SERVICE OBJECTS.

    The Service Objects menu appears.

    The icon next to each service object indicates the object type.

    . A single service.

    . A group or range of services.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Select a service object from the list of recent objects.
    • Perform a simple search for a service object. Type any part of the service object's name in the search box, and click . The matching objects appear below the search box. Select a service object from the list.

The service object appears in the workspace with the Dashboard tab displayed.

Tip: To return to the other areas available from the main menu, click the hamburger menu at the top left, and select the page you want to navigate to.

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Add a service object

To add a service object:

  1. Go to the Service Objects area.

  2. Click +New Service Object.

    The New Service Object form appears in the workspace.

  3. Complete the fields as follows:


    Type the name of the service object.


    Type the protocol of the service.


    Type the Port of the service.

    + Add new service item

    Click this link to add an additional service to the service object. Another line with Protocol and Port fields appears to define the service.

    Click this icon to delete the service.

  4. Click Save Changes. Click OK.

The service object is created, and the DASHBOARD tab for the new service object appears.

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Service object DASHBOARD

The DASHBOARD tab provides the ability to:

  • Quickly and easily view a summary of a service object's history and basic information.
  • View a service object's contents and containing objects.
  • Edit the service object, delete the service object, or create a new service object with the same contents.
  • Edit service object information.

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Service object applications

The service object APPLICATIONS tab lists all applications which contain the service object.

When there are applications using an old revision of the object, these applications are listed separately. When an application is in the pending decommission status, the application appears grayed out.

To view the flows that contain the service object, click next to the application name.

For more details, see Business applications.

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Service object change requests

The Change Requests tab displays details for all FireFlow change requests that have been created for the service object.

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