Upgrade/migration to A32.00 CentOS 7

Important: The procedures outlined here are intended only for systems that are currently running CentOS 6. If you are upgrading, and your system is already running CentOS 7, see ASMS upgrades.

The CentOS 6 operating system reached its end-of-life in November 2020. After this time, no further security updates are available. Since AlgoSec appliances run on CentOS 6, we need to make the move to CentOS 7.

AlgoSec ASMS version A32.00 is the first AlgoSec release that runs on the CentOS 7 operating system. You must migrate your ASMS system to CentOS 7 as part of the upgrade to A32.00.

CentOS doesn't support in-place upgrade from CentOS 6 to 7, so the upgrade to A32.00 with migration to CentOS 7 will be different than upgrades you may be familiar with. Our solution is to migrate system data to a target machine running CentOS 7.

The following topics cover the upgrade/migration to version A32.00 with CentOS 7:

Information Activities
  1. Get started:

    1. Get ready for the upgrade/migration. See the CentOS 7 Migration Checklist on the Customer and Partner portal

    2. Order a migration license. See Request a Migration Target License on the Customer and Partner portal

  2. Upgrade/migration steps:

  3. After the upgrade/migration:

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